Alice martineau inside of you

Help create a drawing-based animation with your own hands, in a collaboration inspired by Hans Cürlis’s ‘Die Schaffende’ (Creative Hands).

To sum up all the brilliant points of chrispy, Skurmedel, Ben Hoyt and Peter Hansen, this would be the optimal solution for processing a binary file one byte at a time:

late 14c., basken "to wallow (in blood)," with loss of middle syllable, from Old Norse baðask "to bathe oneself," reflexive of baða "bathe" (see bathe ). Modern meaning "soak up a flood of warmth" is apparently due to Shakespeare's use of the word in reference to sunshine in "As You Like It" (1600). Related: Basked ; basking .

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Commenting on the early recognition, Marsden says: ‘I’m so grateful to receive it. I became general counsel not long afterwards and got a lot of emails saying: “Oh, so the rising star thing worked then?”’

Alice Martineau Inside Of YouAlice Martineau Inside Of YouAlice Martineau Inside Of You