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Annual Book Award, 1996, North American Society for Social Philosophy, “for the book making the most significant contribution to social philosophy” for Color Conscious, May 1997

While I am loathe to comment publicly on folks personal lives (no one ever really knows what goes on in another's marriage), Tony is open to some criticism due to the nature of his image and profession.
I am not a huge fan, but have been very positive about him and his work for many years. I did not know about his divorce and do consider it problematic.
I was going to say hypocritical, but in fact, it may actually be consistent with my understanding of his emphasis on the primacy of one's own lifetime vision versus, say, natural or divine law.
Here is where his philosophies and mine as a Christian diverge. Not simply doctrinally or dogmatically, but the time horizon of true joy: is to be had only in the "here and now" or also eternally.
Only an eternal perspective can give suffering and love any meaning.
Without an eternal perspective, the only joy that matters is the joy of the moment. Suffering makes no sense at all.

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I tried =”Due: “&(K234-28) where K234 is a date of 11/3/2013. I keep getting Due: 41547 as the result. It seems like it’s a formatting issue???

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It's your last chance for a while ( 14 Dec) I had this in from Anthony of Peganina out of Rye tonight... "Hi all, This weekend are the last trips of the year for the ...

In maternal roles, Glynis Johns , in a guest appearance in 1983, played Diane's mother, Helen Chambers. Nancy Marchand played Frasier's mother, Hester Crane, in an episode that aired in 1985. In an episode that aired in 1992, Celeste Holm played Kelly's jokester of a paternal grandmother. Melendy Britt appeared in the episode " Woody or Won't He " (1990) as Kelly's mother, Roxanne Gaines, a very attractive high-society lady and a sexy, flirtatious upper-class cougar who tries to seduce Woody.

Anthony B - Three CheersAnthony B - Three CheersAnthony B - Three CheersAnthony B - Three Cheers